Retail Leasing

A successful retail leasing strategy will contribute towards the greater business. With the current growth in Indian market, retail leasing has attained a all new level. Providing the right solutions to right person is what we look forward to.

The growth of the Indian retail market has been phenomenal over the past 5 years. It currently holds the 20th position among top real estate markets across the globe. This has not only been bringing in several new brands from other countries but several new Indian brands are trying to compete for the shelf. Retail leasing, consequently has been experiencing higher demands than ever before.

However, getting the right retail space for your products can be a complicated process. Everything from the location, accessibility, competing brands, and infrastructure to providing access to the target market needs to be done right.

At 999 Property, we specialize in retail leasing services and consultancy. We aim to help our clients get maximum visibility, productivity, enhancement and profitability. With partners across the country, we provide you with dual expertise of space value and productive leasing. The search for the right retail infrastructure is also poised upon understanding the customer footfall behavior in particular markets/locations and work upon future trends.

If you have been trying to find a suitable shelf for your products, we might have the perfect stores.

Our advantages:

  • Updated market information and research

  • Wide network of partners

  • Consistent services

  • Customized solutions

  • Complete legal and process support

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